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We Offer IT Services

  •   Company Logos
  •   Website UI/UX
  •   Branding
  •   Motion Graphics
  •   Information Graphics
  •   Wayfinding Graphics
  •   PHP Development
  •   Java Development
  •   JavaScript (JS Development)
  •   Dot Net (.Net) Development
  •   HTML 5/CSS3 Development
  •   Native iOS App Development
  •   Native Android App Development
  •   Wearables App Development
  •   Native Microsoft App Development
  •   Cross-Platform App Development
  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •   Search Engine Marketing
  •   Google Adwords Campaign Management
  •  Bing Ads Campaign Management
  •   Social Media Optimization
  •   Web Hosting
  •   Web Services
  •   Data Centralization
  •   Cloud Maintanance
  •   Cloud Support

We are Expert In

TechsBiz employs only the best graphic designers, website designers web developers, mobile app developers, digital marketers and social media experts to work on your project. Every member of our web, mobile, software, digital, and social media marketing teams is expert in all popular tools and technologies and latest industry trends of his/her field of expertise. The technolgical expertise of each department of TechsBiz IT Development Private Limited are as follows.

  •  Mobile App Development
  •  Web Design & Development
  •  Digital Marketing
  •  Cloud Services

How We Ensure Successful Launch of Your Project?

The successful launch of any project depends on its effective management. Here’s how we make sure that your project is managed effectively and delivered successfully on time, within your pre-set budget.



Planning is first stage of your project management werein our Business Development Manager sit with our Designers, Developers and Marketers to draft a detailed Strategic Plan of Action for your project after understanding your Business Objectives and Project Specifications (scope, budget and timeline).



In the Analysis stage, our Business Analysts will check out the feasibility of the strategic Plan of Action and scope of any corrections or suggestions. If there are any corrections or suggestions, they will convey the same to the concerned team and will keep doing that until they are fully assured that the strategic Plan of Action for your project is perfect for execution.



Our Designing Team ensures that your project complies with the set industry standards. They also make sure that the the UI (User-Interface) and User Experience (UX) of your project is as smooth as possible for the end-users.


Development & Deploy

Our Development Team takes care of the entire coding part of your project. For effective management of your project, we use our proprietory project management software that reorganizes your project into manageable-sized modules and assigns each module to different development teams while maintianing their co-ordination and communication.


Quality Analysis

Our Quality Analysis Team checks the scope of any errors or bugs in your project makes sure that all its features, modules and functionalities of your project are up to the mark and working seamlessly. If they discover any bug or error, the converned development team is asked to fix them ASAP. The Final Aproval of our Quality Analysis Team is mandatory for the launch of any project.


Our Global Presence

We have global presence so we can serve the entire globe.


Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai

Call : +971 50 357 9586

United Kingdom

58 Western road, Tring, London HP234BB

Call : +44 7412 695065


  • Great team that delivered great services. Definitely recommend to anyone trying to have their idea developed. Finally ultimate destination for all IT related work.

    Avdhesh Pareek
    CEO at Apna App
  • Great team to work with! Great prices!!! Reliable, thorough and provides consistent updates on status of product.

    Rajesh Gehlot
    Founder & CEO at Braintastic
  • Amazing experience with TechsBiz IT and team, Excellent customer service and quality work what else can you ask for!
    P burch
    Founder & CEO